Increase Your Profits With Bitcoin Cycle

It’s not easy to come up with a good trading platform offering great features along with greater security options. But what does the Bitcoin Cycle website offer? The main thing about this platform is an auto trading feature when automated robots perform trading along with the in-depth analysis of the market. There are myriads of such software platforms offering the same app but not the same quality. So, it’s about finding out how perfect this software is ideal for traders like you.

In this review, you’ll discover what the features are online. But is the Bitcoin Cycle a scam? If the platform is great when it comes to features, benefits, profits, etc., no one can deny its greatness and efficiency. So, here you’re to discover why it’s one of the best options for you. When investing in cryptos, you might find it difficult to spot the best platform, and Bitcoin Cycle can be your ideal one. So, it’s time to reveal why.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Cycle

Nowadays, Bitcoin is a means of trading and an opportunity for investing and gaining. Yet, it becomes more critical if you’re new to such trading online, especially auto trading. You better be cautious when choosing your platform. So, to understand to what extent the Bitcoin Cycle is legitimate, it’s better to look through the strong and weak sides of the platform.


  • free and fast application
  • faster payouts
  • responsive customer service
  • customizable trading settings
  • crystal clear fees
  • trading with minimal investment


  • absence of mobile application
  • limited coin options

About auto trading on Bitcoin Cycle Software

You may come across, or even become victims of, scam sites offering auto trading features. Some may even promise a lot in terms of profits, but it may result in real failure and loss of assets. So, the first thing you need to do is to look through and assess any platform you’re planning to invest in.

It’s so often that fake or scam software platforms will charge unclear or hidden fees. This is why your attention is a must. Always do your research before trusting or investing. Besides, it’s useful to read terms and conditions along with privacy policy. Additionally, you better check for real people’s testimonials and third-party checks. Finally, what about a free trial on the site?

If the site is fake, no way you’ll find a chance to test it for free. Taking all these into consideration, you may wonder if Bitcoin Cycle is such a platform that may pass through such scrutiny. Definitely, this platform won’t disappoint you, and you’ll have a chance to test one of the best auto trading platforms without a need to pay anything. But, what does this trading mean to you?

What’s auto trading?

Auto trading is an automated system allowing you, as a trader, to set up the rules specific to the market sentiments for entries and exits, to be performed by the robots of the system. Such platforms include special algorithms that follow the pre-set rules and seek beneficial opportunities to get the maximum benefit up until the trading session. You may wonder why all platforms don’t use this feature.

Actually, they use, but not always efficiently. There are many sites using auto trading software, yet what makes all of them different is their proprietary programming language. The greatest convenience of such trading systems is that it allows even amateurs to start trading. Yet, as Bitcoin Cycle warns, you better be cautious while trading, as it can be risky and may result in losing your crypto assets.

Benefits of auto trading on Bitcoin Cycle trading system

What makes Bitcoin Cycle reputable and trustworthy is its automated trading software, but not limited to that only. So, why is it worth trying? Find out the benefits of this feature on this platform:

  • fewer emotions: when trading, people may be indulged in emotions, positive or negative. These can be fear or greed. Yet, such emotional approaches may affect the results of your trading decision negatively, and this is why the auto trading software avoids such risk, with total removal of sentiments.
  • backtesting options: if you don’t know how to set rules so that your bots can follow and trade with your coins, this can be useful. Backtesting allows you to trace back the market strategies that may give some priceless insights and help you understand the market basics.
  • trading diversification: auto trading is about accessing multiple assets rather than focusing on one particular. So, it’s about spreading the risk over several cryptos and assess which one may bring more.
  • maintaining disciplines: no trading will promise total revenue without losses. But if you know what strategies prove to be more efficient, this will help you trade consistently. With this feature, you trade without losing or destabilizing trading discipline.
  • time saving: not all people trading online are experts or professional investors. This is a great feature of crypto trading as everyone can benefit regardless of background. Yet, not everyone has a lot of free time. So, using automated trading may do everything on your behalf saving time for you.

Shortcomings of auto trading

Automated trading isn’t flawless. There are some setbacks you may discover or come across. So, the main problem is data loss. Since the trading software is man-made, flaws may be imminent and inevitable, and losses happen when the computers or data storages crash.

What’s more, there are cases of mechanical setbacks, internet problems, or some missing orders. Moreover, don’t forget even though an automated system works independently, you should constantly monitor the working bots.

How to join the Bitcoin Cycle?

If you want to have a Bitcoin Cycle test or start trading, you should become a full member and pass verification. Before doing so, you must have a look at the terms of the site available as a link at the bottom of the site. Moreover, you should be aware that your country may not be supported by the platform, although the site offers more countries. The coins you may trade here include Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.


Once you’re sure to start Bitcoin Cycle registration, you need to access the homepage. There’s a lot of interesting things you may find useful. The site describes the notion of Bitcoin in detail so that you may have an idea of what it is. On the right side, you’ll see the registration box which asks for your first name, last name, email, and phone number. Your verification will be sent to your mail. So, the whole process won’t take more than half an hour.

Funding your account

Once your account is verified, you’ll have to make your first deposit. Here, you may find the options like Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard along with debit cards. To start a live trading option, you need to fund your account with $250, the minimum requirement.

Live trading

Once you’ve made your deposit, you’ll be prompted to the dashboard of live trading. Here is the place where you set your trading bots. Also, you may discover a Control Panel, which lets you check the trading progress. Besides, you may access Open Transactions where you assess and observe how trading proceeds. Trading History is where you may trace back your previous trading operations.

Features of Bitcoin Cycle trading system

Bitcoin Cycle claims to give a chance to earn not only for professional traders, but beginners may involve in this as well. Despite the risks, you can still gain more than you may lose, which is possible for the software on the website. So, what are the great features of this auto trading platform?

Faster payouts

When it comes to the speed, it’s obvious how fast Bitcoin Cycle functions owing to its automated system of working. All your payments and transactions are performed faster than usual. Also, there’s the transparency in your transactions. So, no matter whether it’s depositing or withdrawing your money, it won’t take a lot of time. To cash out your earnings may take up to one day.

Stop-loss feature

When robots working on your behalf are programmed to get the most profitable sales or buying, it’s critical not to lose your assets. So, the stop-loss feature is made to restrict the trader’s loss of position in their security. Thus, it tries to lessen your risks in crypto trading. This feature helps to protect your securities both in the short- and long-terms.

Affordable price

You may find this platform cost-effective in two ways. First, you won’t need to pay to become a full member on this site, as it’s free. The other is that you need to deposit $250, a price that’s not high and affordable. With such a low amount, you may start gaining and multiplying your assets. You’re to pay for the profits you make on the site.

Customer support

Don’t panic if you don’t find a toll-free phone or live chat on this platform. Instead of this, you may find a help desk where you can ask for help. In case of issues or questions, go to the Contact Us page. Here you’ll fill in your email and name. Below, you’ll see a box where you’re to depict your issue. The support team will contact you within a short time.

Accuracy and high success rate

What’s interesting about this platform is on the upper right. You’ll see people’s names appearing with the profit they’ve just made. This encourages traders to start right now. But, it’s not only this that motivates you to go further. Don’t forget that both accuracy and success rates of the bots working with Bitcoin Cycle proprietary software are more than 90%, which means you’re more likely to earn than lose.

Data security

Bitcoin Cycle safety is provided with the latest technologies. First, all attempts are made to increase the accuracy of bots to lower your possible risks. Moreover, modern technology is employed to avoid cyber and hacking attacks. What’s more, the site prioritizes your data security preventing your account info from being shared with others.

User-friendly interface

The site’s design is easy to understand. Every link is conveniently located, and the more appealing aspect is its information provided. Additionally, you have 4 language options like English, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can login to Bitcoin Cycle from the link at the bottom provided you’re already a registered user. What’s more, it can be useful to read through the FAQ section.

Demo account

If you’re not sure whether to invest in your account and start trading, why not benefit from a demo account? It’s a free trial thanks to which you may see and observe how robots function and trade based on their in-depth market analysis and prognosis. Your demo account will allow you to assess the site’s program and its capacity. This trial account will grant your $1,500 credit to test your skills.

Is the Bitcoin Cycle app legit?

Given the complexity of trading with crypto currencies, you may find it difficult to trust any particular platform. Also, the choices are great, but not so great in terms of quality of features and functioning. However, Bitcoin Cycle is a candidate for the ultimate solution and your possible platform where you’ll learn and earn.

First of all, the site gives importance to safety and encourages its members to read through terms and privacy policy. Moreover, it offers a free trial account to get its software tested. Finally, your account won’t be charged with hidden fees. So, this is the place where you may start your trading adventure with a minimal amount. Put it simply, the Bitcoin Cycle isn’t fake at all.

About Bitcoin Cycle experience of trading online

Is it good to be a trader on the Bitcoin Cycle? Definitely, it’s a great experience. There are so many great things you may test and benefit from. But again, it’s all about risks, as the site warns. So, be sure you follow the most important tips while trading.

Although there are many people on the site claiming to be earning from their investment, you should be careful enough. The first tip is to start with a disposable amount. In other words, spend as much as you may afford to lose. The minimum is $250, but you may want to invest more than that, which isn’t advisable. The market isn’t always stable and predictable, especially these days.

Man-made software and computers are prone to failures and glitches, so withdraw your money as frequently as possible. Then, it’s a good idea to follow what experts suggest. The site offers great tutorials, so don’t miss a chance to learn more. Even if you can afford more than $250, avoid doing that until you’re more professional with trading.

Final verdict

You may find every detail of the site appealing and worth your attention. It can be fast Bitcoin Cycle payouts. Or you might be content with how the support team works. Everyone can find what they might be a fan of, but the main thing about it is that it’s legit and real. Here you may have a chance to change your life and start living in luxury. Every day on this platform is your chance to earn. So, to start trading with a platform right now is the best you can do.

Josh Zerlan
Chief Editor
Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Digital Security Consultant