Find Out Why Bitcoin Up Isn’t A Scam

It happens that you find yourself among people discussing how Bitcoin has soared and how much they’ve gained from this rise or their regret in not buying coins. So, it’s clear that trading with crypto is getting ubiquitous, and it wasn’t the case a decade ago. When Bitcoin first appeared, it just attracted the attention of a limited audience and was met with high skepticism, yet nowadays you see people investing in cryptos. So, much has changed, and crypto trading has become very popular.

Bitcoin has paved the way to an increase in trading platforms where you can buy and sell your coins and thus gain from your trade. Consequently, auto trading platforms are indispensable these days, and to come up with a decent one is challenging. Here comes Bitcoin Up making your investment more profitable. But why do you need this platform?

Since trading relies on understanding the market and its volatility, man-made errors can increase. So, the help of the software has become inevitable. With Bitcoin Up, you’ll have access to automated trading based on CFD, contract for difference. With this trading feature, the platform tries to minimize risks and human-made errors. With this review, you’ll find this trading option in detail along with other great features.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Up

The site claims that even with a small investment you have a chance to gain mind-blowing profits daily. Yet, what makes Bitcoin Up legitimate isn’t only its promises, but the way it functions. The platform has both weak and strong sides, yet the latter ones are prevalent on the site. Thus, before you choose this platform for your trading adventure, have a look at both.


  • options of 4 languages
  • faster and more accurate operations
  • higher security
  • no hidden fees
  • responsive customer service
  • customizable trading rules


  • no mobile app
  • limited range of coins

About auto trading on Bitcoin Up software

It’s not always easy to avoid scams, and there are many reports on how people have lost their assets on various platforms. Since the number of platforms is hard to predict, you may need to be rather careful when choosing your own one. First, you need to scrutinize your choice before you make your decision. Also, find out what other traders and famous people say about their experience on particular platforms. Moreover, have a look at terms and privacy policy before you become a full member online.

The great and legitimate platforms will offer its services mainly without any charges. Then, it should be secure from the third-party intrusion of your data. Moreover, the site should consistently monitor how it functions. Given all these, Bitcoin Up can be regarded as reputable as it has a lot more. But its main pride is its automated trading feature, which makes your trading experience faster and convenient.

The great thing about the Bitcoin Up software is that it functions with tools like AI, Neurolinguistic Programming, and machine learning. Moreover, the site works on the concept of HFS, High-Frequency Scalping, a type of trading strategy popular among traders and investors. But, before you start trading, it’s better to have a closer look at what automated trading, or auto trading, means.

What’s auto trading?

It’s a means of taking part in the market activities via a program that functions with pre-configured rules for entries and exits. So, trading platforms with such a program or software may offer auto trading, where your involvement is minimized since software bots will perform transactions on your behalf with market analysis and waiting for optimal trading offers. On Bitcoin Up, such software employs many various tools to minimize internal and external risks.

Though there are many platforms offering auto trading options, Bitcoin Up has unique features of its software. First, the main pride is that the software has been made with a programming language, and thus, considered to be proprietary with its own algorithms. Moreover, it works with higher accuracy when compared to other platforms. What’s more, there are many other great benefits of using this software.

Benefits of auto trading on Bitcoin Up trading system

What makes Bitcoin Up legitimate and reliable is its software offering auto trading. Unlike other platforms, the software of this site is more complicated and includes a complicated programmed system that may allow traders to configure rules. With such configurations, your trading bots will do the rest for you. So, here are the greatest benefits of this system:

  • auto trading feature is less emotional: the main and primitive solution of trading with bots is that it reduces human emotions that may hinder trading or push towards making wrong decisions. So, the only sentiments to deal with will be the ones of the market.
  • backtesting allows us to assess the market: to have the option of looking back and analyzing how experts made their decision in the past may have useful insights into further decisions. Also, this is important when setting your rules that your bots will have to follow while opening and closing the trades.
  • such a system allows you to trade with diverse coins: on Bitcoin Up, you have access to coin to coin and money to coin combinations, more than 40 options. This gives a chance to diversify your trading, as investing only in one coin may be risky.
  • you may keep the discipline with this software: with the pre-set rules and working bots, your transactions will be performed uninterruptedly and consistently despite some market’s volatile behavior. So, your trading plan is key to stable and disciplined trading.
  • this helps to manage your time: it’s evident that not all people can dedicate tons of time doing their transactions. Thus, auto trading on Bitcoin Up will save your time and do much of the work on your behalf, explaining why it’s called automated.

Shortcomings of auto trading

Despite the great features of this software, it’s not flawless. Note that trading is risky and always has the potential to lose your assets. To understand this better, read on to know these perils:

  • mechanical setbacks: there are some problems that may happen while trading and these include internet connection issues, discrepancies in trading settings caused by glitches, and human-induced errors.
  • need for monitoring: though it’s an automated system, your monitoring is a must. Especially, it’s important in case technical problems may occur.
  • problems of over-optimization: overuse of backtesting creates a problem when your rules look theoretically great but not applicable in reality.

How to join Bitcoin Up?

The great thing about this site is that everything is clear and fast. Once you may think of staying on this platform, you may need to register. But before doing that, note that not all countries are supported by the software. Moreover, browse through various links where you might get the beneficial information both about bitcoin trading and the software itself. Below, you’ll find a FAQ section that might provide some useful insights.


On the upper-right location, you’ll see a box saying Join Bitcoin Up Today. Here, you’ll provide basic info like first and last names, email, and phone number. Don’t forget that once you click on the Register button, you give your consent to the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition, which should be read. Then, you need to check your mail for the verification mail.

Funding your account

Bitcoin Up registration and verification won’t take more than half an hour. Once you get verified, you’ll have to make your first deposit. For activating trading options, you have to invest a minimum of $250. On the site, you’ll find the payment methods like debit and credit cards.

Live trading

Now that your account meets requirements, you may start your trading. You’ll be redirected to a trading spot with useful links inside. Here, you activate your bots or you may trade manually. For the latter option, you’ll need more experience unlike in the case of the former one. Moreover, in this place, you may monitor your transactions, look at the history of purchases and sales, change settings, and so on.

Features of Bitcoin Up app

When you visit this platform’s homepage, you’ll be promised stuff telling you that you have a chance to earn from trading without prior experience. However, at the same time, you’ll get warnings that investing in crypto can be risky. So, you may wonder whether you should take risks or not. What makes this platform unique is that here you’ll have higher chances to earn. This is possible for the services and features of this platform.

Faster Bitcoin Up payouts

It’s all about investing and earning thanks to automated trading. Besides, after the end of each session, you may want to cash out your money, and this is fast and transparent on Bitcoin Up. Deposits are made instantly, whereas the withdrawal process may take up to one day, which is relatively fast.

Stop-loss option

Auto trading is when you set your rules and activate the bots that will trade on your behalf, and thus, you need to monitor their functioning. Yet, it’s not always easy to do so, and you never know what you can lose, in terms of assets. So, here comes a feature of stop-loss, where customize possible limits.

Affordable prices

The main concern of traders is to find an affordable place with the lowest fees. Moreover, it happens that you may come across sites, where the fee policy isn’t somewhat clear. So, when it comes to the Bitcoin Up website, you can be sure that there are no hidden fees. What’s more, the software is free to use. So, the only fees you’re to pay will be on the profit you make.

Customer Support

If you face any kind of problem or have some questions, you may access the help-desk on the site. You find a link to Contact Us, where you provide your name and email. Then, you need to describe the problem. The support team will contact you after some time. On this platform, there’s no live chat, but the good news is that the site supports 4 languages like English, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Accuracy and high success rate

In the section of ‘amazing success stories from our users,’ you find out the real people’s testimonials. With their names, you’ll see how much they’ve gained from trading on this platform. As the site claims, the robots have a success rate of 88% and an accuracy of more than 90%. Moreover, you find mentions about the site made by famous people.

Data security

A higher level of security is a key factor in making Bitcoin Up legitimate and reliable. Your data and assets are protected with the latest technology and constant monitoring of working hardware, software, and personnel.

User-friendly interface

Does this site look complicated? You won’t have problems understanding and navigating the website. Everything is clear and practical. Moreover, the site looks informative. On the upper right, you’ll find where you may register or login on Bitcoin Up.

Demo account

Another pride of the side is its free trial. So, before you make your decision, why not have a free Bitcoin Up test. This is possible once you receive verification. Then, you opt for a demo account, without a need to deposit. You’ll be given virtual credits so that you can practice trading with the robots. This is helpful to understand how the process looks like and get the idea of trading with crypto currencies.

Is Bitcoin Up app legit?

Is Bitcoin Up scam or real? Now that you know the platform and what it may offer, no doubt it’s one of the best spots for auto trading. The first reason is that you’ll have a safe trading experience, so all your data will be maximally protected from malevolent activities along with glitches of the system. The other important reason is the option of a demo account that is available for free.

The last important reason to mention is trading robots with their higher accuracy promising higher win rates. If to describe this platform, you can easily come up with words like secure, reliable, and profitable. These all make Bitcoin Up a reputable and popular choice of traders. As the bonus option, you’ll have access to free tutorials where you can learn more about trading.

About Bitcoin Up experience of trading online

It won’t be true if to claim that you’ll gain from trading 100%. No platform can say so, yet Bitcoin Up has all to make your chances higher and probable. It’s not all about luck, but there’s more about effort, in-depth market understanding, complex algorithms, and perfectly working robots. Trading on this site will give a nice experience and a chance to learn more about trading.

However, no matter how much the site claims, your attention is a must. Robots trading for you are great but it doesn’t mean they nullify all the possibilities of asset loss. So, to make your experience the most profitable, you better try the site’s free account to get the basic idea of trading, as you may have more problems without it. Don’t rush to invest in your account. Then, after assessing the platform, you should not invest more than you can afford, the so-called disposable amount.

Following this, you better to cash out your earnings after the end of each trading session. This is important as there might be flaws or setbacks in the software. Additionally, don’t forget to benefit from experts’ analyses, prognoses, and trading experiences. With all these, you may have a better experience as a trader and get more experienced with time.

Final verdict

Why can’t Bitcoin Up be regarded as fake? Now it’s clear that it’s one of the greatest choices despite being quite a new platform offering its services. The main and most appealing point is its software that trades, analyzes, observes, and earns with your least interference. Another great perk about this place is its fast operating and user-friendly platform. Even though it doesn’t offer a mobile app, this platform is compatible with many devices, even your mobile phones. There’s no reason why this platform won’t make your content.

Josh Zerlan
Chief Editor
Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Digital Security Consultant