Bitcoin Era Media Review: Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin is one of the most surefire investments to return a profit, if you’re meticulous and able to micromanage. The sudden fluctuations in Bitcoin value makes it a full time job. However, a few clever individuals were able to write algorithms which predict Bitcoin’s drop and rise in value ahead of market time. Implementing these algorithms into their software meant the Bitcoin Era experience would do all the micromanagement. It’s a guaranteed way to earn a quick buck, and this article will teach you all you need to know.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. It’s completely virtual, yet holds real world value. You can use these Bitcoins to purchase services and products, or invest in Bitcoins and sell them to interested parties. These exchanges are recorded in a public list known as the blockchain. When you acquire a Bitcoin, it is stored in a digital wallet. It’s worth knowing that when you use Bitcoin as currency, you can send fractions of it instead of a whole Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Era was created in 2009, and it is the most popular version of cryptocurrency despite the existence of more than 6000 other options. Its value increased several fold since 2013, and has since been an effective method of investment.

What is a Bitcoin trading system?

These days, Bitcoin is used as an investment, rather than a currency. You could liken them to stocks. You want to purchase stocks when they are at a low value, and sell them at a high value. The same premise exists with Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin’s value fluctuates often, and it isn’t humanly possible to keep an eye on the values to buy and sell at the right times. This is why Bitcoin trading systems were created. They are softwares which make use of computer algorithms to give its users the highest possible profits at the lowest risk. By virtue of these algorithms, all trading is automatic. They are scheduled using information from financial news and market statuses. This allows the system to buy or sell immediately, ensuring the best outcome for the user.

How does Bitcoin Era App work?

At its core, Bitcoin Era works just like other Bitcoin trading systems. It uses computer algorithms to predict the market and give its users an advantage over other traders by buying and selling early. The thing which makes Bitcoin Era unique is its algorithms are an automaton of over 15 different trading strategies applied in fast paced trading. One of the most important techniques it utilizes is ‘scalping’. This means to use a program to place several dozens of trades within microseconds, and make profits based on the smallest price movements. At first glance this seems like more trouble than it’s worth, but keep in mind it is an AI doing this repetitive task. You don’t have to do anything. Over time, the profits from this technique alone is monumental. The outcome for this is measured to be at 5000:1, meaning you can receive up to $5000 for every $1 you invest.

What are some key features of the Bitcoin Era Website?

There are several bitcoin trading systems available, so why should you pick Bitcoin Era specifically? This software is a notch above the rest in the quality of service it provides. Here’s a few key features you’d struggle to find elsewhere:

A unique algorithm combo

While most Bitcoin trading systems use one or two trading strategies, Bitcoin Era developers created an amalgamation of 15 separate trading strategies. All of these tactics are used in fast paced trading, which is the main dominion of Bitcoin trading.

Implementation of ‘scalping’

This new technique involves programming a software to micromanage Bitcoin trading. Dozens of trades are placed within a fraction of a second, and small price movements give the user large profits over time. It’s a slow buildup of profit, rather than hitting a jackpot. However, it is a much safer way to earn money than just by betting it all on black.

Straightforward website design

This website was designed with functionality in mind. The first thing you see is the sign up menu. Below it, you’ll see an introduction, FAQs, testimonials and even a basic tutorial of the process.

Beginner friendly

Bitcoin Era understands people new to Bitcoin trading are often too intimidated to try. To circumvent this issue, new users are provided trading instruction manuals and a demo to understand trading. They are even assigned a dedicated account manager who is committed to assisting the user in the trading process.

Is the Bitcoin Era reputable?

Bitcoin Era uses military-grade encryption and follows global data protection measures. They abide by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They are also partnered with large companies like BitGo, Norton, Secure Trading and McAfee which guarantees secure usage. They’ve even been talked about on CNN, Financial Times, Time and Forbes. In the span of 3 years, 1500 people have earned over $500,000 each. If this isn’t enough to build a reputation, not much is. The trading system even has a win rate of 88% and an accuracy level of 90%, translating to 9 out of ten individuals turning profits.

Is the Bitcoin Era website easy to use?

Bitcoin Era is straightforward from the get go. The developers made it as easy as possible to join Bitcoin Era, and brought in several security measures to keep your personal information and money safe. The website is peppered with helpful information, FAQs and myth busting. The very best part is the instruction manual provided once you sign up, coupled with a demo of the trading scenarios. You’ll even be assigned a dedicated account manager to guide you. The main takeaway is the process is automated for the most part. The only parts that require your input is creating an account, setting preferences, choosing the amount to invest and when to withdraw. The rest of the work is done by Bitcoin era, with possibilities of returns up to fivefold.

How do you go about Bitcoin Era registration?

Bitcoin Era login is a simple process. When you open the website, fill out the form asking for your name, email ID and phone number. Next, you’ll have to create a password for yourself. For your account to be fully fledged, you must then deposit a minimum of $250. This is the only way you can begin trading. Bitcoin Era recommends folks who are new to bitcoin trading limit their deposit to $250, so they may get the hang of the system. The developers recommend this amount because it’s unassuming enough to be written off as a minor loss in a negative scenario, but large enough to generate a large profit in the right circumstances.

How do you start trading with Bitcoin Era?

Once you’ve created your account and invested the initial $250, the doors to Bitcoin trading are open. Before you start trading, you need to set up your preferences for said trading. Since Bitcoin Era is an automatic software, it requires parameters to follow, rather than behaving as its own entity. Here are some key features you should set up:

Daily Stop Loss

Trading Bitcoin means sooner or later, you’ll take on losses. Daily Stop Loss helps alleviate your losses by stopping trading after losing a certain amount of money per day.

Max Profit Per Day

If you’re the type to play it safe and not gamble, set a max profit limit which isn’t too high. When the software accumulates that profit, it will withdraw your deposit so you don’t risk losing it all in a sudden market fluctuation.

Max Daily Operations

In case the market is fluctuating too much, the max daily operation limit will stop trading once it reaches that limit. This will keep your money safe from sudden drops in Bitcoin value. Remember, the tradeoff is you’ll miss out on sudden rises in Bitcoin value.

These preferences help mitigate your losses should you have the misfortune of facing some. Once this is set up, select the amount of money you want to invest, and let Bitcoin Era do the dirty work. All that’s left for you to do is collect your winnings when you deem fit, and withdraw them.

How can you obtain your Bitcoin Era payout?

If you feel like you’ve made a satisfactory profit and want some cold, hard cash, you just need to fill out a form. This form can be found on the fund management page of the main website. Once the transaction has been processed, you’ll receive your investment in full in the bank account you signed up with. Bear in mind that this can take between 24 hours to a few business days.

Is there a Bitcoin Era app?

Since it exploded in popularity, Bitcoin Era has a dedicated Android app. It is functional and well designed. You’ll get live updates on how your investments are doing, as well as fluctuations in the market, and even relevant news. A majority of successful businessmen are always on the move and can only take care of their portfolio through mobile apps, so this is a blessing for them. However, there is no iOS or Windows phone app. The developers worked around this by making sure their software was optimized for mobile browsers. You will receive the same functionality on the mobile webpage as you would on a computer. This prevents your phone from being bloated with apps since everything you need can be accessed through the browser.

Can you use Bitcoin Era for free?

At the moment, Bitcoin Era requires you to invest $250 at a minimum in order to trade. However, they do offer a few free registration slots on a lottery basis. Winning this lottery allows you to trade for one year using the free license you obtained.

Is Bitcoin Era fake?

The Bitcoin Era website is a legitimate bitcoin trading system. There are very few claims of a Bitcoin Era scam, and they are unfounded. This software reliably processes the fluctuation of the Bitcoin market, and ensures the user is able to make the most out of the lows and highs. It has high success rates which is evidenced by the users who keep coming back for more. Furthermore, it is partnered with BitGo, Norton, Secure Trading and McAfee so users can rest easy while they earn profits. The presence of these big name companies who specialize in security should evidence enough that the Bitcoin Era is the real deal.

What are some tips a newcomer to Bitcoin trading should keep in mind?

If you’ve never tried Bitcoin trading and know nothing of stock trading in general, this might seem like an intimidating endeavor. Following these tips will put your mind and wallet at ease, so pay heed to them:

  • Do not let a loss dissuade you. In the world of Bitcoin trading, you have to expect losses. Just as you make money, you will lose some. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, and keep persisting when you take a hit. Use the preferences to curb your losses the best you can.
  • Bitcoin trading is like exercise. If you go in expecting instant results, you’ll be disappointed and put off from continuing. It’s a slow buildup. Just because you don’t see a profit right off the bat doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  • Quit while you’re ahead. When you’re on a hot streak, you’ll feel the urge to continue keeping it all on the line. That’s the devil speaking, do not listen to him. When you’ve made a good enough profit, withdraw your money instead of risking losing it all to a sudden value drop.
  • Do not succumb to sunk cost fallacy. If you have a bad day of Bitcoin trading and you’re raking in losses, call it quits there. You can try again another day. Odds are you believe you’ve spent too much money to fail now, but that mentality will lead you to sink with your metaphorical ship. You can make back your losses another day when you hit a hot streak.

Should you join Bitcoin Era?

The outcome of using Bitcoin Era is solely up to you. Bitcoin Era is a well developed, reputable tool which can help you easily turn a profit using what is essentially spare change in your house. The extent of your profits depend on how daring you are with your investments. These are good odds to go on, especially when the entry fee is a measly $250, and the sum you earn could be in hundreds of thousands. When you weigh the pros and cons, it seems unreasonable not to give it a shot. Using Bitcoin Era could be the defining moment of your life. Don’t hesitate.

Josh Zerlan
Chief Editor
Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Digital Security Consultant